18 Months In Jail For Being Hot?!?!

Jace Lankow, 22,  is the hotass undergrad who Speedo-streaked a football game at the University of Arizona on Thursday night. The inventive young man snuck into the stadium dressed as a referee, ripped off his costume to reveal his taut, sexy body, and then bounced his cute butt across the field to the delight of millions. Maybe not millions, but it WAS televised. Lankow was tackled by a deputy, dogpiled by more, and then charged with a category 6 felony. In Arizona, a category 6 felony could land Jace in jail for almost two years!

We call bullshit. First off, no one who looks that good in a grape smuggler should be imprisoned. Ever. We need them running free. Second, he should be commended for his stunt. He didn’t just rip off his clothes and run nude out of the stands. He worked for UA’s football team as a volunteer back in 2006. So he fashioned a fake all-access pass from the one he used previously, and made a tearaway referee outfit. Why should such creativity be locked away from the rest of the world? And finally, when guys aren’t bending over so you can see visible jockstraps, football is boring. Jace livened things up by getting partially naked and letting us gawk at his bod.

FREE JACE LANKOW! Someone start a petition.

– J. Harvey (via Unicorn Booty)

To watch him streak the field, Follow the JUMP: