Xavier Daniels: His Hips Don’t Lie.

Do you like it when a guy shoves his dick balls-deep into your ass and makes a smooth, upward motion with his hips? Then you’re going to fall in love with Xavier Daniels. The shaggy-haired twunk was the undisputed winner of our Southern StrokesGuys Who Banged Damien” round of Fuck Vs. Fuck, and we’re starting to understand why you chose him.

His signature move (as mentioned in the first sentence of this post) is a classic trick for tops. While most young men in gay porn don’t realize that relentless pounding isn’t always the way to go, Xavier grasps that his bottom has a prostate, and the proper movements can hit it in a magical way. Sure, his thrusts may not be perfect! But he’s getting there…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Southern Strokes

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