Wrapped or Raw: Discussing Pos-Pos Sex

Wrapped or Raw

Two years ago, we introduced you to Wrapped or Raw. The unique campaign from Australia’s Positive Life NSW organization explores choices made by HIV-positive gay men—specifically about using condoms in pos-pos sex—all while offering options to minimize risk, maximize pleasure, manage disclosure and have great sex.

As we noted before, pos-pos sex isn’t something we talk about every day. There aren’t, to my knowledge, many resources for HIV-positive gay men to discuss topics like disclosure and handling rejection; negotiating different sex scenes with new partners; hooking up on the net; making decisions on whether to use condoms in pos-pos sex; and communicating what they are or aren’t prepared to do during sex.

That’s where Wrapped or Raw comes in!

Their redesigned website incorporates real-life video stories to ensure that the voice and experiences of people living with HIV are a central component of the campaign. Additionally, they offer online booklets about decision making in pos-pos sex, addressing everything from discussions between partners about HIV status to sexual health and testing for STDs.

Regardless of your status—HIV or otherwise—we recommend viewing the videos and digging through the information on the campaign’s website. The stories are real, and while you sometimes may not agree, the guys are honest and upfront when talking about their sexual lives and relationships.

Check it out. This is an intimate insight into pos-pos sex.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch a video from the campaign:


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