Would You Hit That?: Tom Brady Post-Wedding

New England Patriots star player and Superbowl MVP Tom Brady was the golden boy who could do no wrong here in Boston. Handsome, dedicated, and “aw, shucksy.” The essence of masculinity. He has creamed plenty a jean among Patriots fans.

Then he married supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

This set of pics of Tom on a waterslide clinched it. Since he shacked up with Gis, Tom has undergone a change of sorts. He’s dressing a little foppishly. He grew his hair out. He’s trying to dance. He’s become something…foofy. Love is wonderful, it makes the world go round. But Tom Brady has gotten fey! He’s all wispy now! We like our football players butch, don’t we? I used to want to bang Tom. Now I just want to ask what conditioner he uses.

How about you? Do you want to do Tom post-fancy lad transformation?

– J. Harvey

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