Would You Hit That?: Steven Prior

It’s a proven and well-known fact that some twinks are equipped with absurdly large penises. And then there are twinks like Steven Prior. He’s packing a tool so large that I’m not even sure how he’s able to walk. I mean, what would he do if that thing got hard in public? It’d be like a dinosaur living inside of his pants!

I’m not even sure what someone would do with that thing in bed. If you make an attempt to deepthroat it, you’ll inevitably wind up gagging yourself. And if you try to hop on for a ride? It seems like it’d be the equivalent of getting fisted. I’m curious to hear how many of you would be up for the challenge. In other words, would you hit that?

While you’re thinking about that, be sure to head over to Gay Porn Blog and watch a video of this monster in action. Honestly, you may need to see it to believe it…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Tim Tales

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