Would You Hit That?: Russell Brand

It says a lot that only one percent of you wouldn’t sleep with James Marsden. So in the grand tradition of making things a little more interesting, we’ve selected someone who isn’t universally adored for today’s edition of Would You Hit That. That’s right! It’s the man otherwise known as Mr. Katy Perry

Aside from (sort of) appearing alongside Marsden Hop, this guy seems to be all over the place. Seriously! Are there any movies that don’t have Russell Brand in them? We’re probably exaggerating a bit, mostly because we can’t believe he’s costarred in two films with Helen Mirren in the past year. But, um, how did he suddenly become a legit movie star?

Of course, there are more important questions on hand… Like, would you ever do the deed with this long-haired, twiggy motherfucker? Sometimes we think there’s something weirdly hot about him, and other times we want to smash our faces into a wall whenever we hear his name. Where do you stand on this matter?

– Dewitt

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At least you know he’d be creative in bed?