Would You Hit That?: Blake Shelton

The Voice judge Blake Shelton performed “America The Beautiful” with his wife Miranda Lambert at yesterday’s big game. I missed it (maybe not “missed”) but others informed me they did a good job but Ms. Kelly Clarkson sort of eclipsed them with her bangs and sweet delivery of “The Star Spangled Banner”.

While America certainly is beautiful, Blake’s Tweets aren’t. When I pissed and moaned about it, y’all told me to shut it so I did. I shut it so much that I’m even featuring his country-fried ass in today’s “Would You Hit That”! See, I’m a very forgiving person. I’m actually not, but this is us trying to tie everything we can into last night’s game. Look – coming up with timely dudes to ask you about is occasionally difficult. We should just feature guys with huge cocks.

Let us know if you would do Blake (watch out, he doesn’t like having his “behind” touched by a guy) after the break.

– J. Harvey