World AIDS Day: More Than Kim Kardashian In A Coffin

Kudos to Alicia Keys and the slew of celebrities involved in Keep A Child Alive‘s “Buy Life” campaign, but there’s a lot more to World AIDS Day than famous people in coffins. Yes, we understand these individuals are staging their “digital deaths” to raise funds for a very good cause. But there’s one person whose involvement is much more important today…

Duh, we’re talking about you. Manhunt Cares has partnered with GMFA, the Gay Men’s Health Charity, to promote their latest campaign “Count Me In”. The campaign asks men to show their commitment to stopping the spread of HIV by agreeing to a five-point action plan:

• I will know my HIV status.
• I will not assume I know someone else’s HIV status.
• I will take personal responsibility for using condoms.
• I will value myself and my health.
• I will stay informed about HIV and how it is spread.

Read more about the campaign over here, and be sure to visit Manhunt Cares’ testing resources page for information on organizations near you.

– Dewitt

To watch a video about the “Count Me In” campaign, follow the JUMP: