Woof Alert: Victor West

Watching this clip of Victor West jerking off for Pantheon Bear, it might not be immediately clear that he’s jerking off to another video from the site. Truthfully, he appears as if he’s jerking off for you and only you… And even if you’re not the type who’d be into an inked daddy with a thick beard, hairy chest and shaved head, you’ve got to admit it’s pretty flattering when he shoots two loads for you and only you!

(Fun fact! He actually shoots three loads in the full video.)

According to the site, this 43 year-old Oklahoma DILF is a “country boy to the core”, and he wears his cowboy boots whenever he’s “looking to have a good ol’ time”. We assume that means he wears his cowboy boots when he’s looking to fuck, which would be a lot hotter if we knew (for sure) that he’d be willing to throw those cowboy boots in the air. What? Don’t act like your mind didn’t go there when you saw his meaty ass.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Pantheon Bear

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