Woof Alert: Peter Jacobs

The main difference between Peter Jacobs and most of the models showcased in our Woof Alert series? He poses nude for the sake of art, while the rest of them are a bunch of horny sluts. Kidding, kidding! Not that being a horny slut’s a bad thing. In fact, we certainly wouldn’t mind if Mr. Jacobs were a horny slut too…

Alas, we won’t know for sure until he leaves a comment on this post agreeing to do a very “artistic” photo shoot where we gently nibble on his foreskin. Or maybe we could see what his beard looks like buried in our ass cheeks? We’re open to ideas, guys! This is all for the sake of art. We swear. No ulterior motives whatsoever.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Adrian Lourie

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