Woof Alert: Allen Silver

Age ain’t nothing but a number! Well, provided everything’s perfectly legal, consensual and that number is over eighteen. Otherwise, it’s more like “age ain’t nothing but a jail sentence”… Er, we suppose what we’re trying to say is that a hot man is a hot man. It doesn’t really matter what digits appear on his driver’s license.

Allen Silver is a very hot man. You may recognize him from the cover of Joe Gage‘s bestselling intergenerational flick Dad Takes A Fishing Trip, in which he participates in (arguably) one of the greatest group sex scenes filmed in recent gay porn history. Or maybe you don’t recognize him at all.

Either way, there aren’t nearly enough silver foxes flaunting their stuff in this industry, and we salute Allen for sharing his sexiness with the whole world. In fact, we salute him with our penises. Our rock hard penises that we’d love to slide into his furry ass. Grrr…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Hot Older Male

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