Woodpigeon: “Sufferin’ Suckatash”

Mark Hamilton of Woodpigeon

If any of you even bothered to notice my list of the 70 Best Songs of 2012, you saw that Canadian artist Woodpigeon placed rather high in my rankings. The For Paolo EP was one of my favorite projects released last year (right up there alongside Miguel‘s Kaleidoscope Dream and Amanda Mair‘s self-titled debut). I spent a decent portion of the year winding down to the sweet, soft sounds of singer Mark Hamilton‘s voice. He was my comfort in times of stress. My security blanket, if you will.

As such, I’m excited to hear that Hamilton will be releasing a new full-length entitled Thumbtacks + Glue within the next few months. “Sufferin’ Suckatash” is the first (quite excellent) taste of what the album has to offer. If you’re so inclined, you can also stream/download another new track called “Red Rover, Red Rover”. It is also quite excellent.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Leigh Righton

Click through to listen to “Sufferin’ Suckatash”: