Who The Hell Won?: Week of 4/2/12

For thematic purposes, we’re pretending these locker room underwear dudes are gold medalist Olympic swimmers. Yes, we’re stretching a bit but it’s not like we’re going to here any complaints. What a week! Competition in the polls was fierce! It’s tough work deciding if someone’s a top or a bottom,  which tv star you want to fuck, and which porn scene is hotter than another! We thank each and every one of you that participates on a weekly basis. Interaction is key!  Check out who won our polls from last week after the jump.

– J. Harvey

Who Would You Rather?: Porn Star Gone Native

That’s the before picture. Berke Banks is a porn star who got himself a different look, and we asked you guys if you’d do the before or the after. Answer is – BEFORE! 47.93% I think the fish did him in.

iPhone Wars: The Battle Of Faces Vs. Big Dicks

Dewitt created the most interesting “iPhone Wars” post yet. He pit four cute guys against four hot dicks! You guys are total cock sluts! Because a penis won! The guy could be John Merrick, and if he had a nice pin – you’d be on it! The demon dick above (Contestant E) was the winner.

Who Would You Rather?: GCB

Actor Mark Deklin is smirking cuz’ he didn’t lose. Everyone won! We asked you guys which one of the male cast members from ABC’s new hit GCB you’d want to do in the biblical sense. You picked ALL of them – 32.21%.

Top Or Bottom: Taylor Kitsch

We asked you fine fellows if you thought the star of Disney bomb John Carter was top, bottom or decided when he got to the bedroom? 27.37% of you think Taylor is a versatile top.