Who Are The Hottest Football Players?


Consider this an interactive edition of The Locker Room! I want you, gentle readers, to post pics and links of the hottest American football players. For the sake of clarification, they do not have to be from America. They just have to play the sport known as “American football”, which should not be confused with what us dumb Americans refer to as “rugby” or “soccer“.

The man you’re looking at above is Connor Barwin, a linebacker for the Houston Texans and avid marriage equality supporter. I would very much like to kiss the tattoo on his inner bicep. Preferably with him inside of me. Or me inside of him… I’m not picky when it comes to these matters!

While I wouldn’t say Barwin’s the hottest football player I’ve ever seen—my personal vote would go to burly lumberjack type Jeff Saturday—this entire post was inspired by a picture of his jockstrap showing through his uniform. As a self-proclaimed “butt man”, there is nothing I like more than this sight (except for actual butts, in my face).

You can see similar pics of Tim Tebow here. Though I guess as someone living in the Boston area, I should probably say “Fuck Tebow”, link you to these posts about Rob Gronkowski and Rob Ninkovich, then silently pray for forgiveness that saying “Fuck Tebow” caused me to daydream about actually fucking Tebow

But I digress! Show me some hot football players. Now.

– Dewitt

Click through to see Connor Barwin’s jockstrap:


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