Where is Dirk Caber’s Gag Reflex??

Because no. Really. Where?


Ok. It seems like I should open this by disclosing that I have been watching a LOT of Magic’s Biggest Secrets: Revealed on Netflix this week and I just today realized that it’s affecting other stuff I’m watching. After you do a couple hours of that show, you have a pretty good foundation for how most of the tricks work and it’s just a matter of watching closely to see people ducking behind curtains or putting things in hidden pockets (tbh, most magic is really super lame once they explain it). It becomes a game of trying to solve the illusions before they explain them.

So it wasn’t until just a few moments ago when I was watching Part Three of Blueprint for A Dick Sucking (that’s not a real title. I made that up) from Titan that I realized what that ‘magic revealing’ was doing to my brain: I spent the entire BJ portion of this scene going “yeah, but how’s he REALLY doing that???” in my head. As if Dirk was pulling off some kind of optical illusion and was doing to let us all in on the secret in the BTS pics. Cause, not for nothin, but I don’t think Dirk Caber has an actual gag reflex. Now, switching places, Adam Ramzi does have one of those penises that would make you try and jam it all in with no regard for your own breathing. I get it. But I am genuinely impressed with what Caber can do here:




That’s pretty good, yeah?

The rest of the scene didn’t do anything especially magical for me. I’ve seen both of these guys do better stuff with other people and – if I’m getting nit picky – there just didn’t seem to be any shocking chemistry between them here. That’s the nature of fucking for money, I think.  Sometimes it’s amazing and magical, and sometimes it’s just “eh.”

But these dudes are still so pretty:

blue_action_AdamDirk_0061 blue_action_AdamDirk_0123 blue_action_AdamDirk_0136 blue_action_AdamDirk_0158 blue_action_AdamDirk_0184 blue_action_AdamDirk_0192 blue_action_AdamDirk_0265



You can watch the full trailer for Blueprint here (including stuff I’m not writing about or that hasn’t been released yet).


– tyler