We Dare You To Try And Watch This Without Getting A Lump In Your Throat


Back in July, Dewitt posted the Music For Marriage Equality track “Same Love.” It’s an earnest hip-hop track about the gay community’s struggle for equal rights by straight allies Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis. The song is a breath of fresh air because, at this juncture, hip-hop isn’t exactly known for embracing the homos.

Here’s the accompanying video for “Same Love,” and it’s quite spectacular and completely lovely without being maudlin. Spanning the life of a gay man, it shows his birth, upbringing, coming out of the closet,  meeting and falling in love with the man who becomes his husband (played by Mackelmore, which is cool seeing as he’s straight), and their wedding. It ends with them still together, with the protagonist on his death bed. That might sound morbid, but it’s fitting and demonstrates that our love is as deep and true as anyone else’s.

Forgive me if I’M sounding maudlin. I’m getting married on Saturday. To my best friend. His name is Scott. I have this repetitive burst of scary joy in my chest this week, but there’s also an anger and sadness there because the rest of my community is being denied this right in states other than Massachusetts. And people like me are being denied even the most basic rights around the world (such as not being murdered for being gay). Can we just put this vid on a loop and project it on the moon?

“Same Love” is in support of Washington State’s Referendum 74, which is to approve or reject the the February 2012 bill that would legalize same-sex marriage there. For more information, check out Approve Ref. 74’s Facebook page.

– J. Harvey

To watch “Same Love,” Follow the BREAK: