Watch Dylan Roberts Get Fucked By Charlie Harding

Charlie Harding (not pictured above) is one of my new favorite porn stars, which is saying a lot since I’ve only seen him in one video clip. Frankly, the majority of his appeal can be attributed to his dick. It’s long and presumably delicious. It’s the kind of dick you look at and think, “Wow! That would feel great inside my butt!”

Dylan Roberts (pictured above) got to experience precisely how great it feels to have Charlie Harding’s dick inside of him. In this very moment, we briefly considered reaching out to Dylan Roberts for an interview, consisting of one question and one question only—what was it like to have Charlie Harding inside of you? You’re welcome to answer in the comments section, Dylan.

Meanwhile, the rest of you are welcome to watch and use your imagination.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Falcon Studios

Click through to see Dylan and Charlie in action:

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