Unlockables: The Foreskin Stretch

While posing for nude pictures, uncircumcised men will often stretch their foreskin (see Alexander Block or Billy Scott for an example outside of this post). We happen to think this is really hot. But that’s probably just because we actively admire both cut and uncut dicks.

This vote is mostly for those of you who fall into the same category. We’ve even added an extra option, in order to weed out readers who aren’t into uncut men. So without further ado, let’s dive right into this question–is the foreskin stretch something you’d like to see in someone’s Manhunt profile pics?

Take a moment to think about this question, as you check out the results from last week‘s poll. More than half of you were perfectly okay with professional photos, provided your potential partner could prove they’re real on cam. Thirty-four percent are trustworthy enough to not question the pics, while fifteen percent would steer clear of someone using studio shots. Very interesting!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Male

To check out Gavin Waters stretching his foreskin, follow the JUMP:

Here’s Gavin’s cock:

And here’s the “foreskin stretch” move: