Unlockables: The Bicep Flex

While browsing through Manhunt, you stumble upon a picture of an attractive gentleman flexing his biceps. He looks out towards the camera with a smug smirk on his face, proudly showcasing the product of several long hours at the gym. Having established the scene, let’s cut right to the chase–would you send this guy a message or IM?

Keep in mind, there are various reasons why someone might avoid making contact! Perhaps they’re intimidated by the pose, feeling as if they’re not worthy of those bulging muscles. Or maybe they think the pose is a bit too cocky, and they’re not interested in anyone who’s so “high maintenance”. More often than not, they don’t really give a fuck, as long as they’re eventually held down by those thick arms and plowed senseless…

When it comes to photos of men flexing their biceps, where do you stand? As always, remember that this discussion has nothing to do with the pics in this post. They’re just here to provide an example, along with a dash of eye candy. Now that we’ve established that… click through and cast your vote!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: The Guy Site

To check out another pic of Justin flexing, follow the JUMP:

Bonus shot!