Underwear Drawer: Thongs Aren’t Cheesy If The Guy’s Hot

The “Underwear Drawer” post I was dreading writing. A garment of much debate – the thong is polarizing for merely being just a tiny piece of fabric. Some guys think they’re gross, others have a drawer full of em’. Whether you’re wearing it to show off your bod (especially those cheeks) or because you like your butthole stimulated throughout the day (don’t front), there are plenty of dudes out there cleaving those cakes. And where would our friends the strippers be without their bulge-enhancing aspects?


If you are one of those gentlemen who is going to be showing off his body in a thong to the general public, we ask two things of you:

A) Cleanliness. Cuz’…just… cleanliness. Perhaps some manscaping? Let’s keep everything nice and tidy, kay?

B) Have a hot body.

Concerning “B” – as much as I personally think everyone should let their freak flag fly, there is no need to be raping eyes.

That’s it. Even the many who find thongs to be the epitome of slutty cheese can appreciate a dude with body sporting one, right?

What are your opinions on buttfloss? Let em’ fly in the comments!

Huge thanks to the Men In Thongs Tumblr for the pics! Check em’ out if you like dudes in thongs!

– J. Harvey

For more pics of dudes fulfilling Directives A and B whilst sporting thongs, Follow the JUMP: