I Hate You, Tyler Sweet.

I don’t actually hate you, Tyler Sweet! I just hate that your scrawny twink ass is riding all the dicks I want to ride. First you had a threesome with bearded Trevor Knight, then you got fucked in a locker room by Robert Van Damme, then you got fucked in a locker room again by Bobby, and now you’re getting bent over a desk by Girth Brooks.

That’s not even counting the time you had a gangbang on Jizz Orgy with Tony Paradise… And, hell, I’m even willing to admit I was a little turned on when Jake Cruise fucked you.

On second thought, maybe I’m secretly in love with you, Tyler Sweet? As long as you stop being such a cum whore and stealing all of my favorite dicks, I’ll gladly invite you to my open (fictional) marriage with Trenton Ducati, Ford Andrews and Jed Athens. Okay? Deal.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Big Dicks At School

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