Twitter Feed (Me): Apologies For Last Week’s Shooting Down Of The Twitter Bird

If you looked at Manhunt Daily last weekend and were looking for my weekly round-up of porn star tweets, you probably saw some dickhead’s signature as opposed to someone hot beating off in a vid. Yeah, that’s right. We got hacked! They didn’t cause much damage, just knocked a few things over. I feel bad that they chose this blog to hack. Hack something important! Like Trump’s tax returns! Anyway, we’ve tightened up security, and I will continue to bring you the best porn star tweets every week! FUCK HACKERS. (I wonder if he was cute?)

Michael Xavier

Jake Ashford‘s armed and dangerous.

JJ Knight apparently put on a show on Chaturbate with his boyfriend Brent Corrigan!

Seth Santoro had a good time at MAL.

We do, Tobias James!

Johnny Riley
likes to show off his bubble butt.

Austin Wolf retweeted one of his own tweets, and we’re glad he did.

Tegan Zayne‘s got his own Valentine’s Day card!

Corbin Colby is singing in the shower.

Griffin Barrows is showing off his new skivvies.

Roman Todd was bored during the snowstorm.