Were You Looking For The Studs? Because I Found Them.

Is it possible to be in love with three men simultenously? Because I’ve fallen head over heels in (at least) lust with Trenton Ducati, Ford Andrews and Jed Athens, and I’m pretty sure I need to find somewhere in the world where I can marry all three of them at once.

If forced to choose between the trio of Stud Finder cast members, I guess I’d go with Ford? His gorgeous eyes and hairy bod make me melt a little inside, and I wouldn’t mind waking up next to him every morning and then proceeding to fuck his brains out before work.

On the other hand, Trenton’s dick is amazing… And he’s versatile. On the other other hand (because apparently I have three hands), Jed also appears to be versatile, and he’s cute as a damn button. Help! Which of these men should I marry? You know, hypothetically.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Titan Men

Click through to watch Trenton, Ford and Jed in action:




And, now, it’s time to watch them fuck: