Top or Bottom: Jason

It’s time for another round of Top or Bottom, in which we test your ability to predict whether a man prefers giving or receiving. Today’s contestant is named Jason, and he was kind enough to send over this adorable picture. For a second, we felt bad about wanting to do dirty things to his body, but then we realized that he also sent over a picture of his bulge.

If some images of his cock (and ass) happened to show up in our inbox tonight, you certainly wouldn’t find us complaining. Not that we’re saying he should send them or anything, because that would be totally out of line. So let’s focus on more important matters… like guessing what this guy likes to do in bed.

You came dangerously close to selecting the right answer for last week’s hunk Tucker Wood. Nearly twenty-four percent of you correctly pegged him as a versatile bottom, while the majority of you thought he was a versatile top. Since there was less than a two percent margin between both answers, we’re going to consider this a win on your part.

If you’re an exhibitionist type who’s interested in participating in the next round of Top or Bottom, send me an e-mail with a few pictures, your name or alias, the role you play in the bedroom and a brief note giving us permission to use your pics. We’d prefer that you show your face, but it’s not required to participate in the series. Nudity is both welcome and encouraged, and anonymity is perfectly acceptable. So what are you waiting for? Send us your pics, and show us what you’re working with!

– Dewitt

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