Top Or Bottom: Andy Cohen

It was THIS close to saying John Travolta up there, but that would have been little to no challenge. Andy Cohen is the adorable host of what is probably the worst show on television – Watch What Happens Live. It’s a combination of pain and delight up in that bitch when actually talented people have to go on to whore their movies out and endure the Bravo audiences’ stupid ass questions. And Andy is the queen of that castle!

He recently told Parade magazine that he’s ready to settle down, and he’s looking for his better half. Or let’s face it, he’s looking for someone who won’t mind being Mrs. Andy Cohen! You know it’s all about Andy Cohen 24-7 and 365 with him!

Once his prospective partner has realized that, do we think he’ll be hosting Cohen’s heels on his shoulders or will Andy have him on all fours? Vote!

– J. Harvey