Tom Mison’s Show Is Ridiculous, But He’s Still Hot

Tom Mison was called to my attention by an unlikely source – my mom! During a phone call she suddenly asks, “Have you seen this Headless Horseman show?” My mom being interested in anything Headless Horsemen-related is bizarre and random so I inquired as to why. “Ichabod Crane is beautiful! He’s SOOOO handsome!,” J. Harvey’s mom replied.

After I get over my usual heebie-jeebies whenever my mom expresses sexual attraction for anything (seriously – gross), I hopped onto On Demand and watched the first show.

The show, Sleepy Hollow, is ridiculous! Ichabod Crane falls into a time coma and wakes up in the present-day. And the Headless Horseman is still galloping about! And there’s this “will they/won’t they?” between Ichabod and the female cop. Did you know George Washington’s mission was to defeat the Anti-Christ? The idea for this show was obviously sparked during some sort of psychedelic drug party. Only shrooms could have conceived this mess!

Despite it being berzerkly dumb, the show is a huge hit! Tom Mison plays Ichabod, and he’s not the gangly mess he was in the story and Disney cartoon. He’s tall, scruffy and looks like he’ll ravish you roundly. For those who aren’t down with the long Revolutionary War-era hair, it’s a wig. Tom is sleek n’ sexy in real life and needs to do many more scenes where his hairy chest is a featured player.

– J. Harvey

Check out more pics of Sleepy Hollow’s Tom Mison below:


Sleepy Hollow  Ichabod Crane via Tom Mison