This Video of Ari Silvio/Ari Sylvio Still Exists

It should come as no surprise that the prudes at YouTube yanked our video of Ari Silvio (aka Ari Sylvio) chatting with us at the 2012 Cybersocket Web Awards. Okay, so we realize he was talking about big cocks and showing off serious amounts of butt crack, but we’ve seen far worse videos of women on their site! What’s up with this double standard? Where is the gender equality in this internet universe?

Being the rebellious bad-asses that we are, we’ve re-uploaded the clip to Vimeo, a site otherwise known as the cooler, artsier and hotter younger bro of YouTube. The reviews were mixed on this video when we first posted it. However, haters can eat a bag of dicks (as if you wouldn’t enjoy that), because we fucking love it.

– Dewitt

Click through for the video (and some pics from the scene I masturbated to last night):

This was the scene I got off to last night. TMI?

This was the scene I started with:

This was the reason I decided to jerk off to videos of Ari Silvio:

I really regret that I’m not finger-banging him in this video.