The “Real Man” Project: The Manscaping Poll

Do you shave your balls? This guy probably does.

Despite all of the comments consistently made on this blog about how “real men” have body hair, the topic has rarely, if ever, come up in any contributions to The “Real Man” Project. There’s a widespread sentiment throughout the M4M community that shaving or trimming certain areas of your body is considered “feminine”. Whether you agree or not, you can’t deny that it’s there. Look at some of the comments on our Twink Tank posts (or browse through your local Manhunt profiles) if you don’t believe me…

Taking that into account, we’re surprised that hirsute elitism has yet to be tackled in this project. It’s not as if we don’t appreciate everyone focusing on internal qualities over superficial bullshit… It’s just that, well, nobody even bothered to bring up the simple fact that you can maintain your masculinity whilst grooming and taking care of yourself.

We recently encountered this issue within Manhunt headquarters when our friends at Max 4 Men sent over a few products to sample and review on Manhunt Daily. There were two products in particular, the Balls n All Rash-Free Shave Cream and the Total Body Rash-Free Shave Cream, that I just couldn’t bring myself to touch.

As much as I was intrigued by the idea of pheromone-infused male beauty products, I live by a “take me as I am” (fuzzy scrotum and all) rule. There was a time when I’d shave my hole for any damn hot guy who asked, but that time is far in the past. My days of dealing with uncomfortable ass-crack stubble are done. Never again will I trim my treasure trail, tweeze my nipples or worry about the awkward hairs on my toes.

Manscaping, personally, isn’t for me… But I will gladly try out and review this Stimulating Male Sex Prostate Gel if Max 4 Men wants to send over a tube or two.

Eep! This post is getting rather convoluted and scattered, when I really just intended it to act as an introduction for our new and improved manscaping poll… So, uh, what part(s) do you think a guy should shave, trim or keep under control? We’re going to take these results and do something fun with them, so be sure to vote with your heart (and your dick).

– Dewitt

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