The “Real Man” Project: Seth Knight

These responses to The “Real Man” Project just keep on surprising me! Today, we have Cocky Boys‘ exclusive model Seth Knight (who can be seen in action here, here or here) sharing his view on what it takes to be a “real man”.

He argues in favor of internal qualities over physical attributes, and while that in itself isn’t all too shocking, Seth’s example of the “ultimate real man” made us look twice! I mean, was he even alive in the ’80s? Is it possible that Seth is secretly forty years-old and maintains his youthful image by bathing in the semen of Brent Corrigan? Or is it possible—AUDIBLE GASP—that twinks actually know things?

The world may never know. But at least we’ll (soon) be able to have sex with Seth whenever we want.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocky Boys

Click through to find out how Seth Knight defines a “real man”:

Most people think a “Real Man” is someone who’s straight-acting, muscular, butch, etc… To me, a “Real Man” has nothing to do with physical qualities at all. A “Real Man” can come in many forms, like a drag queen, transvestite, twink, twunk, bear, straight, bi, etc.

The internal qualities are what define a man as a “Real Man”. To me, this is someone who respects everyone’s opinions. Someone who hold his values and morals even when faced in troubled times. Someone who does not lie, steal or cheat to get ahead in life.  Someone who is comfortable in his own skin and not afraid to show others. Someone who leads, rather than following what society says is acceptable.

I think there are many “Real Men” all around us, but the one I think of the most is Ryan White.

Most people have heard the name but may not know the whole story. Ryan White was a  teenager from Indiana who became infected with HIV from a contaminated blood treatment in December 1984. Doctors announced he only had six months to live and posed no risk to other students.

However, since HIV was not understood at the time, he was banned from his school. He fought a lengthy battle against the school system and public education. Ryan surprised everyone by living 5 years longer, but died in April 1990, one month prior to his graduation from high school.

Ryan White is a legend, the definition of a “Real Man”. When faced with hard times, he did not give up on his beliefs and life. He found until the end and never backed down. To him, giving up was not an option. He brought light onto an important issue that effects the whole world. Not just gays, but everyone.


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