The “Real Man” Project: hotstud11590


We promise you that we didn’t save Manhunt member hotstud11590‘s contribution to The “Real Man” Project for last just because he’s a cute, young guy with a great ass. Nope! We saved his contribution for last because it provides an excellent transition into this month’s theme.

Don’t worry! It’ll all make sense tomorrow! Until then, read this sexy fucker’s story and show him some love for being the only non-porn-star participant to send us pictures of his ass. Yeah, we’re calling you out Big Dipper… Where are the booty shots at?

– Dewitt

Click through to see more pics and find out how hotstud11590 defines a “real man”:


I’m a senior in college, and oddly enough, I took a course last semester on breaking down masculinity. A lot of people would define a “real man” as a macho guy who plays football – straight, athletic, sporty and blah blah blah…

Now, to me, a real man could be that, or it could be a guy who likes to dress in drag and wear makeup, or it’s the skinny teen at school who’s a little different and gets bullied because he has a boyfriend. A real man is extremely hard to define, because any person who has a dick is a man. And I’m pretty sure he’s real.

Yes, some guys are a little bit more feminine than others. Their voices may not be deep. They might dress with a little more fashion sense than most, but again, if they have a dick, then they are a man.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Our guest author clearly didn’t watch Buck Angel‘s contribution to The “Real Man” Project.)


Now, in some cases, there are men who have certain qualities or do certain acts that make them true men. A man puts his family first and would never strike his husband or wife, a man puts his life on the line for others, and a man knows how to show love and respect, as well as have respect for himself. To me, those are the qualities of a real men.

I met a real man in high school.

I was the kid that people picked on and called a “homo”. My friends were considered weird, even though they were actually awesome.

It was junior year, right after I came out, that one of the seniors (who we’ll call Justin), came up to me at lunch and said he wanted to talk. I was like, “Why the hell would this upperclassman want to talk to me, unless he wanted to shit on my life?”


I said sure, and he said he would get ahold of me through Facebook. A few days later, I got a message from him. It turns out, he wanted to tell me that he thought it was great I came out, despite all the crap some of the guys gave me. I took a shot in the dark and asked if he happened to be in the same boat as me.

Turns out, I was right.

However, he told me he wasn’t ready to get that kind of ridicule from his friends and family. I told him that I respected his situation and promised I wouldn’t tell anyone. School went on as usual, and though he and I never talked, we’d exchanged smiles in the hallway from time to time.


About a month later, I was at my locker, and the usual hulk came up to me with another homophobic barrage… But this time I had someone unexpected looking out for me.

Justin was nearby, and that bully went from being the big bad soccer player to getting his ass kicked and his nose broken in a locker. That was the first time anyone had stood up for me.

After graduation came around, I got a message from Justin. He was happy to tell me that he had begun the process of coming out, and he wanted to go out with me. Long story short? We were a happy couple for about two years until he moved to Texas. He was always the definition of a real man in my book.


And as for the bully who made most of high school hell for me? He apologized a few years after high schoo. Turns out, he was so deep in the closet that he felt the only way to protect himself was to attack me. Funny thing was that about four of the guys on the soccer team, including him, were fucking each other on the side while they had girlfriends.

Who would have thought that the biggest homophobes were actually deep in the closet? That’s life for ya, I guess!

But that’s my definition of what it means to be a real man… To add, real men have great asses, so at the request of the Manhunt crew, here’s a present: