The Over-The-Door Sling: It’s As Easy As You Are


Looking back, some of my best sexual experiences have involved slings. This is weird to me, because I’ve never really considered myself a “sling guy“. The thought of owning one always seemed a bit excessive. Would it be worth the money? Where would I set it up, and how long would it take? Would I get tired of using it after the first few times? Would potential partners be excited when they saw it, or would they think I’m some sex-crazed lunatic? What if I set it up the wrong way and someone gets hurt?

Despite these concerns of varying legitimacy, I still find myself fixated on the idea of owning a sling. I’m more vanilla than I’d like to be in the bedroom, and a sling seems like a very small step to spice everything up. As such, I’ve begun to explore some options within the past few weeks…

And then I came across this.

It almost seems too good to be true? An easy to store, travel friendly sling that can be attached to ANY door! Who the hell came up with this genius idea? Though it still comes with a few concerns—don’t worry, it supports up to 325 pounds—this is the perfect solution for business trips or surprising your fuck buddy at his place.

My only complaint would be the limited range of motion, but let’s be honest, it’d still be hot to get fucked against a door with your ankles (quite literally) in the air. What are your thoughts on this? Would you use it? Have you used it? If so, should I consider ordering one?

– Dewitt

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