The Locker Room: Yet Another Look At Hot Olympians With Hot Bodies

Jayden Hadler (Swimming)

We owed our London-bound athletes this post. Someone had to make up for those godawful “official” pics of the US tOlympians that looked like they were taken at the Sears Portrait Studio by one of the cashiers. Who was high at the time. It was an insult to EVERY nation! Cyd Ziegler from famed gay sports site Outsports was kind enough to share their collection of the 30 hottest Olympic bodies with us. Thanks, Cyd! This way we don’t have to gank them, and then pretend we don’t know what you’re talking about when you send us an angry e-mail. Just ask that Towleroad guy and anyone on Model Mayhem.

FYI – As Cyd noted in his original post (via ESPN) – “Even if their face is a 7, their body is a 20.”

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Outsports

Check out the other 29 after the JUMP:

Usain Bolt (Track)

Trey Hardee (Decathlon)

Tony Azevedo (Water Polo)

Sam Mikulak (Gymnastics)

Ryan Lochte (Swimming)

Ricky Berens (Swimming)

Prashanth Sellathurai (Gymnastics)

Philipp Boy (Gymnastics)

Pascal Behrenbruch (Decathlon)

Nathan Adrian (Swimming)

Nick Symmonds (Track)

Maurice Mitchell (Track)

Matthew Micham (Diving)

Luca Dotto (Swimming)

LeBron James (Basketball)

Justin Gatlin (Track)

Jordan Burroughs (Wrestling)

Justin Lester (Track)

James Magnussen (Swimming)

Jake Herbert (Wrestling)

Jake Dalton (Gymnastics)

Craig Kinsely (Javelin)

Christophe Lemaitre (Track)

Chris Brooks (Gymnastics)

Andreas Thorkildsen (Javelin)

Ashton Easton (Decathlon)

Alex Naddour (Gymnastics)

Alain Bernard (Swimming)