The Locker Room: The Sexiest Athletes of 2012

sexy male athletes

What a year it was for hot athletes! After all, we had the 2012 Olympics! I hope you didn’t allow yourselves to be distracted by that cunt Russell Brand destroying The Beatles and a Spice Girls reunion during that crazy opening ceremony. There were so many sexy athletes to drool over. There literally weren’t enough Locker Room posts here on Manhunt Daily to cover them all. We’re featuring 4 here in our year-end “Sexiest Athletes of 2012” round-up. Why not all of them? Two words: rugby players.

Many thanks to YOU, our beloved (and delightfully opinionated) readers. Many of our Locker Room guys were suggestions by you in the comments. Keep em’ coming in 2013!

– J. Harvey

Click through to see the sexiest male athletes of the year:



James Magnussen

We wrote: “This sexy Speedo jockey is Australian summer James Magnussen. I’m an American, so I really should be rooting for the home team. But I’m also not dead below the waist and a totally shallow homosexual so I will cheer this Aussie on. Let’s face it – he’s way cuter than Phelps.”



Robbie Grabarz

We wrote: “Now THAT is how you celebrate winning an Olympic medal. You get buck ass nekkid and take a picture. Damn flag. That’s Britain’s Robbie Grabarz. He won the bronze for high jumping on Tuesday. Look at the exuberance! Look at the joy of victory! Look at those LEGS.”



David Beckham

We wrote:



Sandor Earl butt

We wrote: “His teammates call him “Princess” because he’s a rugby player/underwear model. Jealous bitches. This is Sandor Earl. He’s an Australian who plays for the Penrith Panthers. In the off-season, he strips down to his briefs (or less), oils up, and lets the cameras capture his sexy-ass body.”



Daniel Conn

We wrote: “Conn could have been the absolutely worst rugby player in the history of the sport. He could have routinely scored goals for the other team. He could have worn a team shirt that declared that there’s no Santa Claus during a charity game for children. And he would be my favorite rugby player (this week). Because he looks like THAT.”



Evan Bourne

We wrote: “Yes, professional wrestling’s a sport! I know because everyone’s in shape and they’re sweating! This is Evan Bourne. He’s a WWE Superstar-type guy. He’s also sexy sexy sexy and then some sexy. He’s up there with the Irish one.”



Jonathan Horton

We wrote: “Jonathan Horton is the short n’ sexy Olympic gymnast we featured earlier this week. He was the muscular imp standing next to that boring model in our post about Annie Liebowitz’s 2012 Olympics pics in Vogue. Sometimes the topic of the current week’s The Locker Room post just falls in my lap. And causes me to lazily massage myself there.”



Campbell Brown

We wrote: “Aussie Campbell Brown plays for the Gold Coast Suns rugby football team, and he’s apparently quite the bar brawler. He’s also quite the fuckstick. Check out some of the pics after the jump. I want to rub my face across his hairy pecs, down his sweaty treasure trail, and luxuriate in his crotch area with my tongue. If you didn’t get it the first time, he’s HAWT.”



Danell Leyva

We wrote: “Danell Leyva is one of the best gymnasts currently wearing snuggy pants and flipping around a bar. He’s the 2011 US National all-around gold medalist and the 2011 world champion on the parallel bars. Can he do some of these moves on my cock if I ask nicely?”



Jonathan Pelissie

We wrote: “I have seen the face of God and it’s this guy. Let’s all give thanks and praise to Dewitt, because that ho is always sending me special packages in the e-mail. This morning I was greeted by French rugby player Jonathan Pelissie on my screen, accompanied by pics of his high, tight ass. This is a strong case to switch The Locker Room back to Hot Rugger.”



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