The Locker Room: Do These Photos Of The 2012 Summer Olympians Suck?

The intersphere is all abuzz with shade, derision, and downright hatred for these “official” photos of our 2012 Olympians. And I agree. What in the K-Mart photography studio hell is this shit? Do you know how I know these aren’t cutting it? Because it looks like I took them! And I’ve been known to try and take pics of the sun!

Michael Phelps looks like a shirtless rapist ready to pounce. And don’t even get me started on the classless butcher paper hot gymnast Jonathan Horton has been forced to pose on. He deserves better! They all do! The photographer’s name is Joe Klamar, and I’m not the only bitch who feels this way.

And gurl, if you think this is bad – check the ladies. Yeesh.Some glamour shots 1988 shit.

– J. Harvey

Check out the shots and let me know if I’m wrong after the JUMP: