The Amateur Hour: Watch This Guy Shoot Cum On His Own Face

This 21-year old from Florida enjoys drinking, Johnny Rapid videos and giving himself jizz facials. His name is Sc0ti and he’s got two videos up now on XTube. The more recent one features an impressive form of skin treatment, but I might like the slightly older video even better. Even though you can’t really see the money shot he gets so worked up, curling and uncurling his toes and moaning while he pumps his dick with both of his spit-lubed hands.

This guy’s gay and says he’ll try anything once, which means he’s my kind of man. (He’s also 6’4″, which is even better.) Personally, I’d like to sit on his dick so his hands can have a rest for a few minutes after that long workout. It’s a nice-looking dick, and I love his bushy pubes.

On the other hand, this guy describes his butt as his most erogeonous zone, so maybe it would be more fun to offer him a ride on my dick instead. That way I could test just how loud his moans could get, then pull out and we could give him a double facial.

– Lawrence

Watch both of the video clips below or here: