The Amateur Hour: Ride That Dick!

homemade gay porno

Today’s edition of The Amateur Hour stars a cubbish young gentleman who looks like the lovechild of Jimmy Fanz and Parks & Recreation‘s Chris Pratt. We happen to find that combination especially hot, so we’re glad to watch him talk dirty and ride his boyfriend’s (?) dick ’til he cums.

Admittedly, this hot little fucker is one step away from being too aware of the camera, but we think there’s a healthy balance between his exhibitionism and his pure enjoyment of the experience. He’s putting on a show without getting too carried away. Meanwhile, we’re sitting here and wishing he were riding our dicks…

Ugh! Does anyone know where to find more videos of this guy?

– Dewitt

Click through to watch this homemade video clip:

(via OCboy81)