The Amateur Hour: Here’s My Cum Shot

Remember on Wednesday when I said I had a very special “thank you” prepared for everyone who took advantage of Manhunt‘s 50% off sale? Well, here’s the deal—I’m keeping all of the photos on the DEWITT profile unlocked until January 1st. This is a move that makes literally no sense for me, a person who has antisocial episodes and can hardly respond to the two messages in his inbox… But, hey, if you’re crazy enough to want to look at my dick and butt, then I’m not going to stop you.

This is the part of the post where I’m going to give any person who doesn’t want to see my dick the opportunity to hit the back button and move on with their lives. You’re getting to the point where, if you scroll down a little bit more, you will see a GIF of me squirting multiple bursts of jizz all over the place. Then, if you scroll down even more, you’ll be confronted by two pictures of my penis and a cropped version of a butt shot that everyone seems to enjoy for some reason.

Stop now if you do not want to see those things. This is your last chance. You’ve already had to suffer with an opening image of my semi-erect penis and unruly pubic hair, and I do not want you to suffer anymore. Turn back before you see this:


Okay, well, I guess it’s too late! Now that you’ve seen me blowing my load, you might as well scroll down to watch the full video, then torture yourself by visiting the DEWITT profile and seeing more of my naked body. Why did you do this to yourself? Shouldn’t you have known when I promised you a “thank you” gift, it would just be a cheap ploy for attention I don’t actually want?

If anything, I should be thanking you for putting up with me for five and a half years! In compiling our Best of Manhunt Daily “Staying Power” compilations for 2011, 2012 and 2013, it occurred to me that I’ve said and done some pretty moronic things in my time working for Manhunt. Here’s hoping that, in 2015, I’ll continue to be a moron!

– Dewitt

Look at my stupid dick, ass and cum shot below: