Super Bowl XLVI Hotness: Rob Ninkovich

Between Buzzfeed‘s “Hotties Of The SuperBowl” list and Ranker‘s interactive version on the same theme, I’ve spent a lot of the past two days fapping to pics of attractive football players. More accurately, I’ve spent a lot of time fapping to pics of the New England Patriots. I’m loyal to my damn team! It’s not all that difficult, considering they’re some of the sexiest fuckers in the NFL.

Whether you’re a fan of Wes Welker‘s icey blue eyes or Deion Branch‘s magnificent smile, there’s something for everyone in the Pats’ line-up. Personally, I’m quite fond of Rob Ninkovich‘s beard. Scratch that! I’m just fond of Rob Ninkovich. Even without the facial hair, he’s one of the most boner-inducing athletes I’ve ever laid eyes on. UNF!

– Dewitt

Click through to daydream about giving Ninkovich a facial:

Let’s not forget the Pats’ other Rob: