Straight Guys Are Gay: The Impossible Sit-Up


Remember back when I highlighted all of the videos on YouTube of straight dudes spanking each other? There’s an equal amount of videos of guys pulling “The Impossible Sit-Up” on each other. A definition (courtesy of Urban Dictionary):

…the impossible sit-up(often called the olympic sit-up) is completed by asking an individual to lie on the ground in standard, bent-knee sit-up position while one accomplice blind folds or holds a towel or similar item over the eyes and holds the individual’s head to the ground. the second accomplice gets into a squatting position with ass bare. the victim is signalled to attempt to sit-up against the pressure applied by the towel to the head. the towel holder simply releases the towel which allows the victim to sit up with nose directly into accomplice two’s ass crack.

As someone who had a lot of straight friends when he was in his teens and 20s, I am familiar with “The Impossible Sit-Up.” It was unfortunately never played on me (I was out to my friends so they probably got a little uneasy thinking about how I might enjoy stuffing my face into one of their asses), but I have seen it done in person and it’s a total tease. The dude’s face is only in the other dude’s butt for a nanosecond before he jerks his mug out in horror. No one’s salad gets tossed! What’s the use? The vicarious thrill from face-sitting trickery is so fleeting!

– J. Harvey

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