Straight Guys Are Gay: Heterosexual Guys Who Like Glee


As Dewitt pointed out earlier, the only reason to watch Glee anymore is if Chord Overstreet takes off his shirt and wears a jockstrap on his face. It’s ok to cover up the Trouty Mouth if you’re suckin’ on a bud’s sweaty jock cuz’ he’s about to fuck you and you’re just preppin’, Chord. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, this vid. Here’s two dudes who want you to know that they’re straight but still enjoy Glee. I’m not sure what two straight guys would enjoy about it. Santana doesn’t show her tits, and it’s not like the music is any good. What am I (or the alternate universe straight version of me) missing?

p.s. These straight guys aren’t actually gay like we suspect so many of the subjects of this feature. I’m looking at you, dude with the stoner hair and headband. You’re definitely straight.

– J. Harvey

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