Solange Knowles: “Losing You”


When you’re logged onto Manhunt and you receive a message from an extraordinarily sexy person named PutSolangeInMyButt69*, don’t be too surprised when it’s an invitation to watch me dance to Solange Knowles‘ new single in Manhunt Chat‘s “Big Cocks” room.

“Losing You” won me over within the first five seconds, sporting a unique beat that sounds like a chicken getting double-penetrated by Rafael Alencar and Steven Prior. Though it takes nearly a minute for Ms. Solo Star’s vocals to finally kick in, she slays this track with her smooth, buttery tone (which isn’t even comparable to her big sister‘s diva-esque belting).

Am I the only one who’s digging this more than pretty much anything else right now? Am I a crazy person for buying this single from iTunes as soon as I woke up this morning? Am I the only Solange Knowles fan in the universe? Discuss amongst yourselves.

– Dewitt

* This isn’t actually my name on Manhunt, but it’s available for anyone who’s interested!

Click through to watch the music video for “Losing You”: