Secret Sex: Big Dipper

Now I understand how the rest of you feel about Cazwell! For those of you who aren’t in the know, Big Dipper is a new(ish) queer rapper who’s hairy, chubby and gives me an immense boner. His music isn’t technically good by my usual standards, but I like it ’cause I want to stick my face in his butt. True story!

On his latest Bambi soundtrack-sampling single “Drip Drop”, the Chicago-based artist channels Nicki Minaj in both his flow and zany facial expressions, all whilst delivering a uniquely playful style that’s all his own. Well, sort of his own.

Long story short, you know how I feel about big boys who know how to move. This one’s no exception to the rule. I want to get sweaty with him on the dancefloor (and then get sweaty with him in my bed). Swooning! Swooning! I nearly died when he booty-dropped in those blue shorts.

– Dewitt

Click through to see more pics and listen to “Drop Drop”:

(via Gay Daily Hot)