Scenes That Need To Happen: Ben Brown & Heath Jordan

You know who Heath Jordan is. Frankly, if you don’t, then you haven’t been reading this blog long enough. We’ve been kind of obsessed with him ever since his gay porn debut. And you’ve been kind of obsessed with him too! Don’t believe us? Check out all the times he took the number one spot on The Ten or the results of this poll. The numbers don’t lie. We all want to stick our dicks in him.

Ben Brown is more of a casual acquaintance. You first met him in a November 2010 post, where he got fucked over a desk by Junior Stellano. Months later, he seduced a secret service agent (as played by Alex Marte) in Men At Play‘s “Unauthorized Entry”. Then there was this past Monday’s Everything Butt feature, which inspired one of you to say his butt’s “kinda iffy”. This comment is insane. Because his butt is made of magic.

We get the sense that Mr. Jordan would agree with us on this matter. In our exclusive interview, he name-dropped Ben as one of his “dream partners”. They later performed together at the 2011 Hustlaball London, kissing, sucking and rimming onstage for an extremely horny audience. Truthfully? If we had been there, we would have rushed the stage in an attempt to fondle both of them.

Now, seeing as Heath and Ben have already established that they have good chemistry, why hasn’t anyone figured out a way to get them together on camera for a real scene? Preferably one that involves lots of flip-fucking. I mean, we get it! There’s an entire ocean separating them. Heath is an exclusive model for Falcon and Raging Stallion now. There are so many reasons why it wouldn’t be very easy to make this happen. But can we at least all agree that it should happen?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Chris Geary

To see Ben Brown and Heath Jordan fooling around on stage, follow the JUMP: