Róisín Murphy: “Simulation”

The sign of a “good” music video is a heightened appreciation for the song within. While some pop fans might argue in favor of flashy choreography, costumes, effects, storyline, humor or viral video potential, those elements generally lead back to one thing—a heightened appreciation for the song within.

There’s a distinct possibility that Dirty Glitter‘s visuals for Róisín Murphy‘s “Simulation” are unofficial, seeing as there’s no mention of the clip on the artist’s various social media outlets (which haven’t been updated since the release of “Momma’s Place”) and, well, the song leaked back in December of last year.

Nevertheless, this remains an excellent music video. My ambivalence toward the slightly pornographic, nine-minute long “Simulation” has transformed into something resembling sincere enjoyment. Why? Because every time I hear it, I’m going to think of hairy hipster boys licking their armpits and fondling themselves… And, truth be told, such a sight heightens more than my appreciation for the song.

I’m talking about my penis. Just in case you couldn’t figure that out.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the music video for “Simulation”:

(via JMG)