Ray Sampras Is Your Muscular Everyman

Is Ray Sampras the handsomest guy we’ve ever posted about her on the Daily? No. Does he have the most intensely sculpted bod? Nope. Is he Daniel Garofali, Chuck Ryan Strogish or Daniel Rumfelt? Hells no.

It’s alright, though. They all can’t be fiery. Pete’s got a nice muscular bod, a pleasant face, and I like how his big cheeks look sitting nude in that chair. And those tree trunk thighs. Mmmmm. There’s also a discernible penis outline in those little blue trunks of his.

He might not have the star quality that the other Daily guys have, but he certainly wouldn’t be ignored if he showed up at the beach. Or your apartment. Or your bed. Or your butthole.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Jimi Hendrix in Paradise

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