Quickie: Courtney Grant

Who’s this gorgeous man with sweat dripping down his muscular torso? Oh, it’s just Courtney Grant! We posted about him back in September, but we couldn’t resist going back for a second round. Thanks to photographer David Vance, we’ve got two new pictures to add to the “Wank Bank” folder on our desktop. Um, not that such a folder exists or anything…

Much to our surprise, we also learned that Glen Mitchell shot a full frontal nude of Mr. Grant. This somehow went over our heads, even though we posted it on Manhunt Daily less than two weeks after the original post on Courtney. Apparently, we were so distracted by his swinging cock that the connection was lost on us!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: David Vance

To check out another hot picture of Courtney Grant, follow the JUMP:

Here’s a bonus shot!

And here’s the ultimate bonus shot!

(via Glen Mitchell)