Quickie: Chase Hostler

It’s already February 2012, and we haven’t gotten any Chase in our face as of yet. Consider yourself Chase-d! Here’s some new pics of small wonder Chase Hostler by Joseph Smileuske. He’s probably 6’4, but I always get the impression he’s a pocket gay.

Chase used to have that signature “slice” hair-do where you take out a strategic sliver of hair on your head and look like you’re ready for a UFC match or a go-go boy job at the local gay bar. He’s grown that sliver back and added a mop of sweaty curls. Adorable.

Remember when I posted pics of Chase in the pink thong leotard and some of you were all “ugh, a real man wouldn’t wear a pink thong leotard” and “ew, gay”. Listen, if you have that body, cock, and face – you wear whatever the hell you want. As long as you’re showing it off. That’s the rule. If it gives J. Harvey a stiffness in his trousers, it’s suitable for viewing.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Joseph Smileuske

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