Project Go-Go Boy: Probably Better Than Magic Mike

Project G0-Go Boy is what you’d get if the stars of Magic Mike were less bland, fucking one another and acting like they’re on an episode of The A-List: New York. Keep in mind, this is only our assessment based on the (sort of) SFW trailer, which mostly focuses on the fictionalized (?) drama between hot twink sluts Jake Bass and Max Ryder.

The two are joined in the cast by Cocky Boys‘ ever-growing roster of exclusive models, including Pierre Fitch, Gabriel Clark, Seth Knight, Tommy Defendi, Tony Capucci, Sebastian Young, Stephen Forest and newcomer Ben Rose.

“I can promise that this won’t be just another porn movie,” says director Jack Jaxson, who shot the film at various locations in New York and Montreal and took inspiration from several of his own real-life experiences:

“The world of go-go boys is truly the perfect sex-charged world, one that I have LOVED since I was a boy. I grew up in New Orleans, I came out in New Orleans, and my first mind blowing sex was with a go-go boy from the famed Corner Pocket Bar in New Orleans… So I guess you can say I have been preparing for this film for the past twenty years!”

Unfortunately, we can’t watch Project Go-Go Boy just yet! The first scene will be released on July 2, followed by four more and a very special reunion special hosted by drag legend Hedda Lettuce. If you’re willing to wait, however, the full series will be released on DVD this fall.

We’re not gonna lie. We’re sort of excited for this?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocky Boys

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