Post Him: Is This Legal?


Post Him is an new amateur porn site with a twist. Got a sex vid? Post it on the site. Don’t worry about getting anyone’s permission. Their motto? “Fuck Him, Film Him, Dump Him, Post Him!” What a PHENOMENAL tool for truly evil people who are seeking revenge!

Did your boyfriend spill lube on your high thread count sheets, get a beej from his ex while you were laid up with the flu, or spoil last weekend’s Homeland for you? Fuck him! Wreak havoc on his life by posting his sexual exploits on a public website! POST HIM.

Do you want the world to see that your buttfucking skills are beyond fiery? Never mind getting that trick’s OK! POST HIM.

Did that guy you’re sexting with foolishly send you footage of him getting after it with some other ho? Screw em’! POST (THEM) HIM.

WHAT? Is this legal? How do they figure? Won’t the lawsuits be flying when a Senate Majority Leader ends up on there? This is why if you’re making a sex vid, retain control of it, fellas. Unless you’re chill with your boning being posted for all to see. And if you are, feel free to send us clips. We like amateurs.

p.s. The site does claim that all the content is “user-submitted” so it’s not like they’re out there LOOKING for ways to ruin lives. Kudos!

– J. Harvey

Check out a double dildo vid from the site after the JUMP (shockingly, these two aren’t professionals!):