Part One: Benjamin Godfre Answers YOUR Questions!

Gather around, Benjaminions! Merely hours after sending in your questions, our new friend Benjamin Godfre sent over the first part of his Manhunt Daily interview. Here’s what you need to know—a) he’s shirtless the entire time, b) he’s an open sapiosexual, and c) there doesn’t need to be a “c”, because we already told you he’s shirtless.

All jokes aside, Godfre touches upon a variety of topics in this segment, including his views on sexuality, bondage, porn, gay rights and what it feels like to be lusted after by so many horny guys. He doesn’t shy away from the difficult questions, which makes us very excited to watch the next part of this interview. We saved all the juicy questions for last!

Keep your fingers crossed that Benjamin answers your next batch of questions in his underwear. We’re trying to get him to spread his butt cheeks like Marko Lebeau, but he seems way too classy for that shit. Oh well! We’ll take what we can get. Maybe a crotch thrust or two toward the camera? Some casual self-groping? Not that we’re pushing or anything.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rick Day

To watch Benjamin answer your questions, follow the JUMP:

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